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League provides a wide range implant system restorations, and strive to be a dental lab with the most comprehensive implant solution in China for global customers, end the boundary of outsourcing.

1.Custom Zirconia/Titanium Abutment

Custom Abutment has become the most popular restoration product in the implant treatment. That can be made with Titanium, gold aloy, or zirconia with titanium base.

League offer a wide range implant system for custom abutment, we are trying to be most comprehensive dental lab in implant solution.As you have requirment for some cetain implant system, we will find the solution for you and didn't like most of China labs response to you,"sorry we dont have this implant system part". Maybe we dont have it for now, but we will get that part for you soon. That's because our value is to provide solution for our customers.

Please check our implant system list that we can do, but it doesnt mean we have all parts in stock, sometimes we need to order as it could be the first time to do this impant system. Please check with us before send the implant cases in case causing delay. Thanks.

At Leaegue,we provide two brand new screws for each custom abutment case.


2.Angulated Screw Channel

Implants cannot always be placed in a way that allows for traditional screw retained restorations to be made. The Angulated Screw Channel Abutment solves this problem by changing how the screw is accessed.

With this abutment, the access opening is placed in a more favorable position. the additional access channel allows the screwdriver to reach the screw, even at an maxium angle 25°-30°.

This process requires a unique screw as well as a special driver. A standard driver will not work. The screw can be accessed but is not removable from the abutment once the crown has been cemented on.


3.Encode Abutment

Encode abutments orginally from Zimmer Biomet are a type of healing abutment that have markings, or codes, on the top that make it possible to use them in place of an impression coping or scanbody.

These abutments are for the 3i Certain® and external hex implants,Zimmer TSV implants as well.

The biggest advantages to the encode abutments is that once they are placed they don’t need to be removed for the impression which saves times and helps to preserve the tissue.

The impression is taken directly over the encode abutment and can be done traditionally or with an intra-oral scanner. If you use an intraoral scanner the lab will import the STL file directly in to the design software and if you take a traditional impression, the impression will be scanned by the lab to create a digital file.

At league, we can help customers apply this type on other implant systems as you need. 

4.Digital Implant

Digital implant is replacing the conventional implant impression, we have so much experience and are good at this. Finding library or help customer order implant parts for us to process.

Typically, when the digital implant case comes, It requires 3D digital analog and library to process . with those, we can make the model and print the model and place the digital analog. For a outsourcing lab, we are facing where to get the digital analog and where to get the library. Those determines the time and if they can do this case. No worries, those are not problems at League, we have much experience to deal with this. No matter which parts need to order or find libarary, we can also assitant customer to order. If customers dont want to order parts and send internationally, we also have replacement solution. If you want to know more, contact us and we will give you the details.

At league, we can offer a replaced soluiton for your digital implant cases.


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